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Guerrilla Trek Nepal

Guerrilla Trek is a recently introduced remote but easy trekking route and has been recently explored by some vivid trekkers in Nepal. The trek to Gorilla starts from Beni Bazar and ends at Sulichour, Rolpa district. It was named after the 10 years civil war in Nepal led by the Maoists of Nepal. This was hiding trails for the Maoist during the political conflict therefore still; we can see the so many victims of war in the area.

Guerrilla trek route provides one an opportunity to meet the people who have yet to be affected by commercialization. You can see a lot of ethnicities enrich the route including Brahmin, Kshetri, Dalit, Gurung, Magar, Newar and Thakuri. Guerrilla trekking in Nepal offers us wide varieties of multi-ethnic culture, historical sentiments of war, local cultivation in terrain green valley.  The rhythm of Deuda song is very famous in the far west of Nepal.Cultural folk music and songs are very popular in this area. And the amazing views of Dhaulagiri range and Saipal Himalayan are wonderful. Gorilla Trekking is also a camping trek because there are no hotels available in this trail. The scenic beauty of this region is unmatched. This trekking trail offers a wonderful trekking journey through the core of the post-conflict areas. As an alternative to numerous other popular trekking trails, Specelly Evereat base camp trek & Annapurna base camp trek.this route can be a pleasure to return visitors who loves Nepal.

We can see life style of remote village people, culture, tradition and the trekkers can get diverse and unique experience of the Himalaya of Nepal than other trekking route. It passes dramatic waterfalls, lakes and the country’s only hunting reserve in Dhorpatan.

Himalayan Recreation Treks and Expedition would love to make your trek memorable. We assure you not to hold any doubt in your heart about this trek as whatever the name says, the lands that Guerilla Trek covers are extremely peaceful and soothing these days.

  • 1

    Arrival in Kathmandu

  • 2

    Drive to Beni(8hrs) Trek to Takam(1665 m) 6-7 hrs

  • 3

    Trek to Lamsung (2250 m) 6-7 hrs

  • 4

    Trek to Gurjaghat (3020 m) 7 hrs

  • 5

    Trek to Dhorpatan (2860 m) 5 hrs

  • 6

    Trek to Niseldhor 5-6 hrs

  • 7

    Trek to Tallo Sera 6-7 hrs

  • 8

    Trek to Rujhi khola 6-7 hrs

  • 9

    Trek to Thabang 5-6 hrs

  • 10

    Trek to Jaljala 6-7 hrs

  • 11

    Trek to Jelbang 6-7 hrs

  • 12

    Trek to Sulichaur 6-7 hrs

  • 13

    Drive to Kathmandu 13 hrs

  • 14


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